Version 2.0 is a legacy release, and these documents are no longer being maintained.


Every single piece of software required by AtoM is compatible with Windows. However, you should know that the process may not be straightforward at all if you are not familiar with server environments under the Windows platform.

Virtualizing Linux

We strongly believe that Linux is the best choice for installing AtoM, but if for whatever reason you are unable to switch to a different platform, you may want to consider running a virtualized Linux instance in Windows. Some of the most popular virtualization tools in Windows are:

You should be able to use our virtual appliance in the virtualization tool of your choice.

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If you intend to continue using Windows, please proceed by following the instructions provided below. Be warned that installing AtoM in a Windows environment can be tricky, however, so be prepared for some hassle!

Web servers

The good news is that the support of PHP in IIS 7 or above is excellent. Check out the official website:

You can also use Apache or Nginx; we have tried both and had success with Windows configurations.

There is also the option of using WampServer or XAMPP, two software stacks that provide you with all the packages that you need in order to run AtoM out of the box: MySQL, Apache and PHP. It’s definitely a very good option for inexperienced users.


You can run Elasticsearch in Windows as long as you can install Java. Download the latest version available and run bin/elasticsearch.bat in the Windows Terminal.