Version 2.3 is a legacy release, and these documents are no longer being maintained.

Exit edit mode

Edit mode allows the user to add, modify, or delete the contents of archival descriptions, authority records, archival institutions, terms, and other database content using edit pages. In edit mode, AtoM displays all fields in a record for data entry.

Usually, when first viewing a page, a record will be displayed in view mode, and the user will have to enter edit mode by either clicking the “Edit” button in the button block, or by clicking on an area header above an information area (the exception is when a new record is being created via the plus Add menu - in this case the user is redirected to a blank record already in edit mode.


The two primary ways to exit edit mode are to either save or cancel the record (or changes made to an existing record), using the buttons found in the button block at the bottom of the record.


The ONLY way to save any changes made to a record is by using the “Save” or “Create” (if it is a new record) button in the button block. All other methods will result in all changes to the record being lost.

If you do not wish you preserve your changes, you can simply navigate away from the current record; no changes will be saved. Any of the following example methods will result in no changes being saved:

  1. Click “Cancel” in the button block - AtoM will reload the record in view mode without saving any changes. For more information on the button block, see: Button block.
  2. Click the logo for the associated archival institution in the context menu - AtoM will redirect you to the archival institution view page. See: Institution logos.
  3. Click the site logo in the upper left-hand corner of the AtoM header bar - AtoM will redirect you to the home page. See: Site logo.
  4. Open the browse menu in the header bar and select a type of record to browse - AtoM will redirect you to a browse page. See: the Browse menu and Browse.
  5. Use the search box to perform a search - AtoM will return a search results page. See: the Search box, and Search.
  6. Click a link in the main menu, located in the AtoM header bar, to perform some other action. For more information on the main menu, see: Main menu.

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