Version 2.5 is a legacy release, and these documents are no longer being maintained.

Browse taxonomy terms endpoint

GET /api/taxonomies/<id>

This endpoint will obtain all the terms from a specified taxonomy, including the term name and notes. It is used in Archivematica to get the Levels of description taxonomy terms in the Hierarchical DIP upload.

See also

For more information on how AtoM defines taxonomies and terms, and how to manage them via the user interface, see: Terms.

To make use of this endpoint, you will need to know the ID of the taxonomy whose terms you wish to return. These IDs are not accessible via the AtoM user interface - they are used internally.

Below is a list of some of the more commonly used taxonomies in AtoM, and their IDs. This list is NOT comprehensive - to see the full list, navigate to /lib/model/QubitTaxonomy.php in your local application.

Taxonomy name ID
Places 42
Subjects 35
Genres 78
Level of description 34
Actor entity type (ISAAR) 32
Thematic area (repository) 72
Geographic subregion (repository) 73
Media type 46
RAD title note type 52
RAD other note type 51
Material Type (RAD GMD) 50
DACS note type 74
Rights act (PREMIS) 67
Rights basis (PREMIS) 68

Example request

GET /api/taxonomies/34 HTTP/1.1

Example response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

    "name": "Collection"
}, {
    "name": "File"
}, {
    "name": "Fonds"
}, {
    "name": "Item"
}, {
    "name": "Part"
}, {
    "name": "Series"
}, {
    "name": "sub-series"
}, {
    "name": "sub-sub-series"
}, {
    "name": "Subfonds"
}, {
    "name": "Subseries"
}, {
    "name": "subsubseries"

Request parameters

  • sf_culture: ISO 639-1 language code

See Common parameter - i18n culture for more information on this parameter.

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