Forum de utilizador

Our User Forum is the main place where the AtoM community comes to meet, talk, make announcements, share resources, and discuss issues relevant to the software and the community.

Community Wiki

The AtoM Wiki has a Community section that is full of useful community resources.


AtoM's code is hosted on Github. Log issues, offer pull requests, and make comments related to the AtoM code. For further information, please see Contribute Code.

AtoM Foundation

The AtoM Foundation is a non-profit established in 2018 to oversee and support the development, sustainability and adoption of Access to Memory (AtoM) as a multilingual, multi-repository open source application for standards-based archival description and access.

Expression of Intent

Would you like to get involved in the open source projects Artefactual maintains and develops? We are currently researching ways to help new people get started contributing!

In the last year, we have been thinking about the long term sustainability of the communities that have grown around AtoM. We want to reduce the risk of being a single point of failure for cultural memory software. To help us envision community involvement, we hired our first Contributor Success Specialist, Édith Viau.

With her, we are currently working on improving the developer experience, specifically for external contributors. You might have seen her on GitHub (@eviau-artefactual), answering Issues, following up on code contributions, and writing some documentation.

We are looking for people interested in improving and sustaining the AtoM community. Maybe you have worked in translating or localizing AtoM before? Maybe you have new ideas for the User Forums? Maybe you wish to make a code contribution but aren't sure how? Or maybe you want to build a better FAQ?

If this sounds interesting to you, please answer this short questionnaire. We will get in touch shortly to follow up on this initiative.

Questions? Comments? You are welcome to reach us by email: