Oferecendo acesso à memória desde 2007

AtoM stands for Access to Memory. It is a web-based, open source application for standards-based archival description and access in a multilingual, multi-repository environment.

AtoM 2.4.1

Desenhado para a web

Acesse a sua instalação de AtoM de qualquer lugar que tenha acesso à internet. Todas as principais funções de AtoM podem ser controladas a partir de um navegador e os requisitos ao usuário são mínimos. Instale AtoM em um servidor e acesse de qualquer parte do mundo.

Código aberto

All AtoM code is released under a GNU Affero General Public License (A-GPL 3.0) – giving you the freedom to study, modify, improve, and distribute it. We believe that an important part of access is accessibility, and that everyone should have access to the tools they need to preserve cultural heritage materials. AtoM code is always freely available, and our documentation is also released under a Creative Commons Share-alike license. Check out our code repository!

Baseado em pradrões

AtoM was originally built with support from the International Council on Archives, to encourage broader international standards adoption. We've built standards-compliance into the core of AtoM, and offer easy-to-use, web-based edit templates that conform to a wide variety of international and national standards.

Importação/exportação amigável

Your data will never be locked into AtoM – we implement a number of metadata exchange standards to support easy import and export through the AtoM user interface.

Currently AtoM supports the following import/export formats: EAD, EAC-CPF, CSV and SKOS. Find out more in our user manual.


All user interface elements and database content can be translated into multiple languages, using our built-in translation interface. Our translations are all generously provided by volunteer translators from the AtoM User Community. Want to see AtoM available in your language? Help us translate!


Built for use by a single institution for its own descriptions, or as a multi-repository “union list” (network, portal) accepting descriptions from any number of contributing institutions, AtoM is flexible enough to accommodate your needs. See our list of community users for a better sense of all the ways AtoM is being used.

Aperfeiçoando constantemente

AtoM is an active, dynamic open-source project with a broad user base. We're constantly working with our community to improve the application, and all enhancements are bundled into our public releases. This means that whenever one person contributes, the entire community benefits. Find out more about how you can help improve AtoM.